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1 week ago

Blessing for retailers

Wholesale market operates differently where huge loads have to be packed, moved and weighed. However, in retail marketing, comparatively smaller loads are to be weighed. Accurate weighing is very important for customer satisfaction and making of maximum profit as the retailer basically earns only from the marginal difference that he gets over whole-sale price. A […]

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3 weeks ago

Feather-light but weigh right

Jewellery items are light in weight, delicate and very precious. Naturally, weighing these items securely, accurately and easily is an important need in the jewellery market. Jewellery scales are portable, handy and very easy to use. They can be placed on the counter and there is a two-way display provided for the convenience of the […]

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1 month ago

Easy weighing on the table!

The only way to weigh weights earlier was by using balances. This meant lifting of weights and placing them on the balance and weighing. This was quite a tedious process and weighing could be faulty too. However, in modern times, technological advances have brought forward very easy-to-use scales. These scales are handy, lighter and most […]

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3 months ago

Weighing the best of Industries

Industry has a variety of weighing requirement. Industries could be small scale, medium scale and large or heavy industries. Weighing application is required for a number of items such as farm produce, natural raw material etc. to heavy metals. Naturally, these have to be available in various forms and capacities. Platform industrial scales have a […]

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4 months ago

5 Reasons for using scales in kitchen

Cooking is not just an art but science too. Any person who cooks should naturally be aware of the perfect colour, smell and taste that is to be expected from the product at various stages. Guessing the right amount of baking by colour and smell is definitely an art. But in order to get the […]

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6 months ago

Weigh right for future bright!

Gone are the days when one had to wait for weighing oneself till the next doctor’s visit or reach the weighing machines at bus-stands, malls or amusement parks. Weight is a seminal issue these days and people are constantly bothered about their weights. Some have problems of being underweight and some are tortured due to […]

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7 months ago

Top weighing on the table-top

Gone are the days when hanging balances had to be used for weighing small items such as vegetables, groceries and so on. It was very troublesome to load the two sides of the balance with weights and goodies and look then look keenly at the needle for achieving perfect balance. Weighing with a balance is […]

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8 months ago

Comfort and accuracy of Industrial Weighing Scales

In industries, several items need to be weighed continuously for various usages. Accuracy of weight is very important to achieve desired results. Weighing heavy loads is a problematic task but with good scales specially designed for industrial purposes, this problem has been solved to a large extent. Earlier, the loads would have to be lifted […]

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10 months ago

Jewellery scales for accurate weighing of light and delicate objects

Weighing requirements are of various types ranging from light weight loads to heavy-duty industrial loads, liquids, solids, huge and delicate items. While designing scales, all of these usages have to be considered. Platforms and pulleys have to be provided for heavy loads and efficient weighing mechanism has to be provided for light-weight items. Scales have […]

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11 months ago

How to maintain an Analytical Balance Scale

Analytical balances or laboratory balance scales assure perfect weighing and accurate reading. However, proper maintenance and care needs to be taken of the equipment to guarantee proper working. Laboratories require analytical balances and they rely on the results. So this equipment has to be kept clean and calibrated regularly. Preventive maintenance always is recommended for […]

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