Label Printing Scale

Weighing application is used in nearly all types of trades and industries. If the weighing scale has more and more features, work becomes easier and faster. Initially, weighing balances and scales could just measure weights. Gradually there were a number of transformations in the look and feel of the machines and they were enabled to not just weight but also compute costs. Internal programs facilitated this. Label or receipt printing scales are one step further to this. These scales not only weigh and calculate the costs but they can immediately print the displayed weight too. This gives the customers an immediate record of the purchase and facilitates transactions. Weighing, computing, and printing are all in one in these Label Printing scales.

In supermarkets or malls, when you weigh vegetables or fresh supplies, they are weighed there and immediately a label is generated which is stuck to your purchase and later scanned at the billing counter where you get a receipt printed for the entire purchase in a few seconds. This machine speeds up weighing and labeling operations. The highlights of this model are accuracy and fast check-out experience.  These are commonly used in grocery shops, bakeries, meat stalls, and pre-pack outlets.

These scales have a pre-pack green LED display, high internal resolution, and a built-in battery back-up. An inbuilt battery charger circuit is provided too. Internal calibration is protected. It has a 5-key keypad. If the scale gets overloaded, there is an indicator that displays it. A low battery indicator is also provided. The machine has an accumulation function. An in-built printer enables the printing of labels and receipts. There is a real-time clock in it too for printing date and time of weighing. There is an inbuilt USB interfacing. The body is heavy MS powder-coated. This scale is widely used in the pharmaceutical and packing industry also. It is available in several user-friendly models with different levels of accuracy, capacity and different pan-sizes. It is an important invention to facilitate a retail trading experience.


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