Accurate weight of the lightest

Jewellery scales are largely used for weighing precious metals. Cost of a small milligram of such metals, ranges in a few thousand. Naturally accuracy and precision in weighing these metals are very important.

Jewellery scales have such mechanism that lightest of weights is caught by the scale and recorded and displayed accurately. Jewellery parts are sometimes just beads or thin strings or wires. One doesn’t even realize that these parts have any weight. So scales used for measuring such parts have to be very sensitive in detecting micro-milligrams of weight too. Jewellery scales are usually internally calibrated for best results. They are available in strong bodies, light-weight, are easily movable. They are very easy to use too. Many times, placing jewellery parts on flat scales becomes difficult as beads etc. can roll down. To prevent such problems, these scales are provided with a small bowl in which goods to be weighed can be kept securely.

A small error in measuring jewellery can make a huge difference to your pocket and hence accurate, quick and reliable weighing is very important in jewellery applications. These scales usually come with a two-way bright LED display so that the shop-keeper and the customer can see the weight at the same time from their own places. Pole display is also available in some models. There is also a provision of entering rate per unit which enables the scale to compute the total cost of the item according to its weight. Jewellery scales are very convenient and user-friendly.

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