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5 months ago

Quick, accurate and convenient weighing of heavy loads

Platform scales or hanging scales can weigh heavy loads but for some applications where loads are too huge, weighbridges are the best, cost-effective and convenient options. Weighbridges are provided with double-ended shear-beam type digital load cells that are specially designed for weighing both vertical and horizontal components. The Unilink floating assembly allows controlled floating off […]

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10 months ago

Types of Weighbridges

Weighbridges are typically designed to weigh heavy loads with ease and comfort. These weighbridges use technologically advanced digital load cells typically designed for the purpose. These load cells of a double-ended shear-beam type unlike other load cells can weigh vertical as well as horizontal components. The unlink floating assembly for the load cell allows the […]

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11 months ago

Five Technological Advancements in Portable Truck Scales

Weighing heavy loads is always a challenging job. Normal weighing scales, kitchen scales, platform scales are popular forms of scales but for weighing heavy loads such as trucks, railcars, trailers and for weighing the loads they carry, sturdy and accurate truck scales are required. Portable truck scales are even more convenient because they have be […]

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1 year ago

Facilitation through a variety of weighbridges

Weighbridges provide great facility in weighing. The double ended shear-beam loadcells specially designed for weighbridge applications provide the best results. These can weigh horizontal as well as vertical load components. Weighbridges are available in various types. There are mainly Pit-type and Pit-less type of weighbridges. Orthotropic U beam weighbridges are very useful for weighing large-sized […]

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1 year ago

Acquire ease, comfort and accuracy though electronic weighbridges

There are several types of weighing requirements in different types of industries. For counter-top sale, table-top scales and hanging scales or the likes are sufficient. For accurate and light-weight weighing requirements, digital devices with specific calibration are required. Similarly, for heavy-duty loads, just scales are not enough. Weighbridges are essential for weighing heavy loads. A […]

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2 years ago

Bridging weights effectively

Weighbridges of traditional varieties, posed multiple problems in usage and accuracy and so Electronic weighbridges are a welcome change. The orthotropic weighbridges offered by Sansui provide amazing auxiliary qualities. The deck plates are available with various stiffness’s in longitudinal and transverse bearings, thus facilitating transport. These are cost-effective, have a robust construction and are efficient […]

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