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1 week ago

How taximeters work?

Taximeters are fit onto vehicles of public transport to calculate the distance traveled and the charges to be paid accordingly. Knowing how a taximeter works can give you a happy, comfortable and assured travel-experience even in places where you are new. Basically, taximeters measure distance and time. Then they convert these measurements into the fare. […]

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4 months ago

Convenient and accurate option for travel.

In today’s traffic scenario, driving one’s own vehicle means worrying about its parking, safety, technicalities, and maintenance. Several people, therefore, prefer to travel by auto-rickshaws. But, the tariff meters of these rickshaws can be a reason for refraining from this mode of transport because these meters are many times faulty. However, the new-age auto-rickshaw meters […]

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1 year ago

Travel Safe, Travel Accurate

Taximeters are a part of our everyday lives. For several reasons we need to travel by taxis and the biggest hurdle is ineffective calculation of distance and cost. When the charges for the same distance are drastically different for each trip, the customer feels cheated. Taximeters are not therefore considered to be reliable. Due to […]

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2 years ago

Accurate Taxi Meters

Some prime expectations from a good rickshaw or taxi meter are sturdiness, scratch-free, weather-proof make-up, accurate computing of distance and charges, not being affected by vibrations or disturbances and clear display. All of these expectations are features in Sansui taxi meters. Japanese technology has been used to manufacture these and these meters give accurate readings […]

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