bar weighing machine

In many weighing applications, heavyweights have to be accurately weighed. For example, while weighing heavy metal rods and sheets, weighing becomes quite cumbersome. Platform or crane scales can weigh these things but the process is tedious. Bar scales and bar weighing machines are ideal for weighing such heavy loads.

Each bar scale contains two load cells. These scales are used in various heavy-duty applications where the item to be weighed differs in sizes, volumes, and shapes. This weighing scale accuracy ranges from 100 gm to 500 gm, the length is 1200 mm and width is 920 mm. These scales are specifically useful when multiple weights need to be measured. For example, these are ideal in weighing different metals in coil forms. One can go on adding multiple bar scales together to fit the commodity to be weighed.

These scales have a high internal resolution, built-in battery. They have high precision load cells. Weighing response of these scales in very fast. A high, bright Red LED display is provided. Software calibration is provided in the scales. These scales are available in different models catering to different capacities of weights and different margins of accuracy as per the specific requirements.

This adds convenience to weighing applications where repeatedly heavy loads have to be weighed with precision, comfort, and speed.

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