Easy and convenient Hanging scale

In many types of weighing applications, loads are of such a nature that they cannot be lifted and placed on weighing boards or platforms. They need to be just momentarily picked, weighed and placed down immediately. In such applications, a hanging scale is very useful and easy to use.

These scales have a hook and weights are hung to the scale with the help of this hook. There is a digital display attached to the hook and the moment the weight is hung to the hook, the internal mechanism weighs it and the weight is displayed on the display.

These scales are useful for weighing loads ranging from 30 to 300 kgs. Various models are available in this type of scale. The body of the scale is powder-coated or in stainless steel too. These hanging scales are very useful in poultries, market yards, shops, and retail outlets. These places have small weighing applications that are easily catered to with the help of hanging scales. These scales are sturdy and easy to use.

In a hanging scale, a hook is provided above and below the display window. The Hook above can be hung to a fixed, solid support and the load to be weighed is hung on the hook below. The internal working of an analog hanging scale consists of a runner and springs that measure weight by how far they stretch.

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