Quick, accurate and convenient weighing of heavy loads

Platform scales or hanging scales can weigh heavy loads but for some applications where loads are too huge, weighbridges are the best, cost-effective and convenient options. Weighbridges are provided with double-ended shear-beam type digital load cells that are specially designed for weighing both vertical and horizontal components. The Unilink floating assembly allows controlled floating off the platform thereby ensuring perfection. These are hermetically sealed, no constraints are required and foundation work is very easy. Another type is orthotropic weighbridge. Sizes of Indian trucks are not compatible with the transport usual I-beam weighbridges. Orthotropic U-beam weighbridges solve this problem. These have decks of various stiffnesses of structural steel plate in longitudinal and transverse bearings, solidified in U-shape. They are better in quality and are cost-effective. Their pressure bearing quality and durability is better. Their robust construction makes them perfect to bear vehicular loads. They do not corrode, are easy to transport, have a longer life and higher accuracy. Electronic weighbridges are available in two varieties, to suit different kinds of requirements.

 Pit-type weighbridges have a sturdy and strong mild steel platform that prevents swaying movement. Pit-type is flushed to ground level and hence suitable in places where spaces are limited. No ramp is required. The pit-less variant is surface mounted and hence economical. This is easy to maintain and has no water table or drainage problems. It can be approached by low angle ramps. An electronic weighbridge terminal is specially designed to withstand environmental conditions in the cabin and endure high temperature thus eliminating the need for AC. The SIC indicator is interfaced with an easily available IBM keyboard. It is strong and user-friendly and can provide print tickets with or without using a PC. The entire set is compact and easy to install. No calibration is required and the digital display is placed conveniently. Weighbridge kits offer in-house calibration and cornering facilities and a lot of cost of mounting the weights is saved. These weighbridges provide accuracy, comfort and convenient variety. Electronic weighbridges are indeed a boon for heavy load applications.

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