Convenient and accurate option for travel.

In today’s traffic scenario, driving one’s own vehicle means worrying about its parking, safety, technicalities, and maintenance. Several people, therefore, prefer to travel by auto-rickshaws. But, the tariff meters of these rickshaws can be a reason for refraining from this mode of transport because these meters are many times faulty. However, the new-age auto-rickshaw meters designed with Japanese technology have however have overcome most of the problems. They have three clear separate windows displaying fare, waiting time and distance traveled. Also, a real-time clock is in-built in the meter. These meters have sturdy make-up and so external disturbances such as vibrations due to bad roads, potholes, electrical disturbances, and high-tension tower disturbances and so on, do not affect the computational capacity. These can be calibrated specifically and so fare calculation is accurate and immediate. These meters have both button-type and flag-type configuration.

The body of the meter is made of pressure die-casting aluminum. It is scratch and all weatherproof. There is a buzzer beep provided for key operation and every money drop. The use of top-class electronic components increases the efficiency of the meters. These meters have heat and oil resistant sensor bodies. These meters not only withstand but directly work on output voltages of the dynamo coil of a rickshaw which gives voltage ranging from 8 volts to 100 volts depending on the throttle speed. These taximeters can be programmed externally with a programming key for setting various parameters as well as to set various tariffs.

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