Types of Weighbridges

Weighbridges are typically designed to weigh heavy loads with ease and comfort. These weighbridges use technologically advanced digital load cells typically designed for the purpose. These load cells of a double-ended shear-beam type unlike other load cells can weigh vertical as well as horizontal components. The unlink floating assembly for the load cell allows the controlled floating assembly of the platform. These are hermetically sealed. No constraints are required. Simple foundation work is sufficient for mounting and working. Weighbridges have a strong and sturdy platform. It protects against lateral and way movements.

There are three types of weighbridges:

Orthotropic U Beam Weighbridges

Usual I-beam weighbridges are not convenient for transport of the standard size of Indian trucks. In the modern U-beam versions, decks with various stiffness are in longitudinal and transverse bearings are used. These are called orthotropic. This is an imaginative development for weighbridges that offers amazing auxiliary qualities. In such decks, there is a structural steel deck plate solidified either longitudinally or transversely. They are called U-beam because of their shape.

Pit-type Weighbridges

These are flushed to the ground level. When there is space limitation, pit-type weighbridges are extremely suitable. No ramp is required for mounting heavy loads in this type.

Pit-less type weighbridges

Pit-less type of weighbridges are surface-mounted and hence very economical. Maintenance of this platform is very easy as it is completely above the ground level. This type doesn’t face a high water table or drainage problem. This can be approached by low angle ramps.

Electronic weighbridge terminals are specially designed to withstand all environmental conditions prevailing in the weigh-cabin. The unit can operate easily at temperature up to 60 degrees. No air-conditioning is required for a weigh cabin. Installation of a weighbridge is easy. No calibration/ corner correction required at the site. Weighbridges have a digital overhead display where weight is directly seen.

Weighbridge kit provides multiple benefits as a lot of hidden cost of transporting and lifting weights manually is saved. Different types of weighbridges facilitate various types of weighing requirements and in various types and sizes of spaces.

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