Five Technological Advancements in Portable Truck Scales

Weighing heavy loads is always a challenging job. Normal weighing scales, kitchen scales, platform scales are popular forms of scales but for weighing heavy loads such as trucks, railcars, trailers and for weighing the loads they carry, sturdy and accurate truck scales are required.

Portable truck scales are even more convenient because they have be transported to the place of weighing and it is very convenient. Many other scales such as jewellery scales or kitchen scales require a fixed set-up or platform but portable scales can be moved to the actual location. In the past few years, a great advancement is seen in these scales, making weighing easier and more and more accurate. Five primary technological advancements are:

  1. Changes in design: Two primary designs are available in this type: the portable axle scale and portable wheel weighers or weighing pads. Each design has its own specialty and over the years both have evolved in order to give improved performance. These developments in design allow weighing in rough, rugged environment too and help in calculating and managing weights with better effect
  2. Stronger components are being used:  Truck scales have to necessarily weigh heavy loads and so fragile and delicate components cannot last for long, thereby leading to maintenance and repair hassles. Stronger components are an important factor. Scales are now made of various types of metals like aluminium and stainless steel. Steel being the strongest metal, it can endure harsh environments and assure a long life of the scale.
  3. Multi-faceted scales: Modern truck scales are portable and this is a major advantage as they can be easily moved to the location of weighing. They are lighter and use lesser space than standard truck scales but they are strong enough to weigh an entire truck load weighing multiple tons.
  4. Weighing in motion possible: Modern portable truck scales have sensors and dynamic measurement system that help in capturing data while the truck is moving. This data can be transmitted wirelessly to the cloud and is more accurate that static scales. This enables continuous weighing and that too accurately and efficiently.
  5. Development in engineering: Portable truck scales offer great accuracy due to fast and definite advancement in engineering. Modern truck scales can now measure larger vehicles, use of metals like aluminium reduce their weight, thereby facilitating transport and yet they are durable and sturdy.

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