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4 months ago

Convenient and accurate option for travel.

In today’s traffic scenario, driving one’s own vehicle means worrying about its parking, safety, technicalities, and maintenance. Several people, therefore, prefer to travel by auto-rickshaws. But, the tariff meters of these rickshaws can be a reason for refraining from this mode of transport because these meters are many times faulty. However, the new-age auto-rickshaw meters […]

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5 months ago

Quick, accurate and convenient weighing of heavy loads

Platform scales or hanging scales can weigh heavy loads but for some applications where loads are too huge, weighbridges are the best, cost-effective and convenient options. Weighbridges are provided with double-ended shear-beam type digital load cells that are specially designed for weighing both vertical and horizontal components. The Unilink floating assembly allows controlled floating off […]

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