Infrared thermometer

Covid-19 is rapidly taking its toll and it is very necessary to have sufficient and proper equipment for detection and prevention of the disease. The greatest danger of COVID 19 is that it spreads rapidly through touch. Avoiding touch is the basic step in avoiding this infection. The infrared thermometer developed by Sansui is an essential product because it is a non-contact thermometer. It is the perfect healthcare and wellness measuring device for you. IR thermometer uses third-generation technology. It can be used by placing it near the forehead or ear. It has 3 color fever indicators that can detect temperature immediately. It is a two-in-one contact-less thermometer that measures human body temperature and surface measurement is possible too.

The thermometer has a color temperature indication and optimized calibration technology. It has a recall of the last 32 temperature readings. The thermometer also offers unit conversion from Fahrenheit to celsius. It has a 3-color backlight indication that shows normal, moderate, and high temperatures through different colors for speed of detection. The setting of the machine is very simple and can be done using just three keys. The box contains a user manual, 1 thermometer gun, and a battery. It is a must-have possession for public places such as hotels, malls where visitors can be quickly checked without contact. 

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