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1 year ago

Facilitation through a variety of weighbridges

Weighbridges provide great facility in weighing. The double ended shear-beam loadcells specially designed for weighbridge applications provide the best results. These can weigh horizontal as well as vertical load components. Weighbridges are available in various types. There are mainly Pit-type and Pit-less type of weighbridges. Orthotropic U beam weighbridges are very useful for weighing large-sized […]

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1 year ago

Top weighing on the table-top

Gone are the days when hanging balances had to be used for weighing small items such as vegetables, groceries and so on. It was very troublesome to load the two sides of the balance with weights and goodies and look then look keenly at the needle for achieving perfect balance. Weighing with a balance is […]

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