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SSP EXCEL POLE | Sansui Electronics Pvt.Ltd


Weighing Scale

Support Email : sales@sansui.co.in
Support Contact : +91 9823888888

ABS antistatic Housing, High Internal Resolution, Protected Internal calibration , Red colour 12.5mm LED display , Built In Pole Display, Built In Battery Back Up.


  • Robust ABS anti static housing.
  • SS top platter 
  • High Internal Resolution 
  • Protected internal calliberation
  • Red colour 12.5 mm LED Display
  • Built in front and pole display
  • Battery back up
  • Overload protection upto 60 kg 
  • Large Keysize for ease keyboard operations

Available Models

SSP 10 EXL P 10 kg 1g III 240x290
SSP 15 EXL P 15 kg 1 g II 240x290
SSP 20 EXL P 20 kg 2 g III 240x290
SSP 30 EXL P 30 kg 2 g II 240x290
SSP 30 EXL P 30 kg 5 g III 240x290
SSP 15/30 EXL P 15/30 kg  2/5g III 240x290

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