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SPP ABS platform scales suppliers and dealer- Sansui Electronics

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Weighing Scale

Support Email : sales@sansui.co.in
Support Contact : +91 9823888888

Platform scales with suitable, sturdy removable bracket to fit the Indicator on to the Pole. Powder Coated M.S. Frame stucture in hollow Pipe, thus making it very light but very strong , sturdy and longlasting.
Unique Sansui Design


  • Inbuilt battery
  • Auto charging facility
  • Automatic voltage regulator (A. V. R.)
  • Sturdy mechanism with overload protection
  • Sturdy backrail in round Pipe.

Available Models

SPP 60 ABS S 60 kg 5 g II 450x600
SPP 100 ABS S 100 kg 10 g III 450x600
SPP 150 ABS S 150 kg 20 g III 450x600
SPP 75/150 ABS S 75/150 kg 10/20 g III 450x600
SPP 100 ABS M 100 kg 10 g III 550x600
SPP 150 ABS M 150 kg 20 g III 550x600
SPP 75/150 ABS M 75/150 kg 10/20 g III 550x600
SPP 200 ABS M 200 kg 20 g III 550x600
SPP 300 ABS M 300 kg 50 g III 550x600

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