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Digital personal scale manufacturer and supplier in India

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Weighing Scale

Support Email : sales@sansui.co.in
Support Contact : 020-2420-6000

SANSUI weighing scales are designed & manufactured under most rigid standards in order to give you years of performance. SANSUI Scales are capable to work for Weighing applications with built- in rechargeable Battery backup for portable use of the scale. There is a high bright red LED Display enable you to view all the data easily.
The Sansui Kitchen Bowl, you purchased is intended to determine the weighing value of material to be weighed, up to the capacity of maximum 180 kg with 100 gm accuracy. It is intended to be used as a “non-automatic scale”, i.e. the material to be weighed is manually and carefully placed over the pan of weighing scale. As soon as a stable weighing value is reached the weighing value can be read.


  • Equipped with high Precision Strain Gauge Sensor
  • In-Built AAA Batteries (2 x 1.5V)
  • Alarm Timer and Thermometer
  • Auto-Off Function to save battery life
  • Manual-Off Function
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Overload Indication

Available Models

SPP 150 Personal 150 kg 100 g III 300x400

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