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for Milk Data Collection

S-Milk is a standalone handheld portable metal fabricated unit specifically developed for Milk Data Collection for small societies. Once fully charged, it can be used for more than 2 days, being very useful for mobile collection centre (having shoulder bag).

S-Milk is a rugged compact handheld unit and has all the required interfaces (Weighing scale, FAT Machine, CLR, Printer), functions (milk collection, printing reports, rate tables & other) / memory capacity (400+ or 800+ members) to do total milk collection for societies. It requires 230V AC supply through adapter and has in-built battery to work in the absence of mains power.

S-Milk will automatically log in the milk quantity (from weighing scale), milk quality (from Milko-tester/CLR indicator/Lactoscan/Ekomilk etc) and will store collection of every member for 2 shifts / 31 days in its memory.

It also stores consolidated collection/deduction data for up to 12 months . Rates are automatically taken from Rate table based on FAT and SNF. Unit also supports for 2 deduction entries. Collection / deduction receipts as well as many other reports can be printed.

The collection/deduction receipts can be sent to PC via RS232 interface. Member Names and rate can be sent to PC and also can be received from PC, to easily update rates and names in

the unit. Also Member Names and rate tables can be altered easily using local 20 keys keypad on the unit itself.

With GSM option - most of these reports can be emailed to 2 preset email-ids - in a user friendly text format or Excel friendly CSV format. This facilitates wireless data transfer to parent society from its several remote child societies/collection centers. GSM interface can be used to send collection/deduction receipts via SMS to its members.

Different weighing scale manufacturer's communication protocol can be added on request. Also different FAT/SNF/CLR machines can be added on request.


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