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Digital Milk Weighers | Milk Weighing Machines and Scales
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Weighing Scale

Support Email : sales@sansui.co.in
Support Contact : +91 9823888888

SEPL provided India's first milk weighing system in collection centers at various villages for the milk movement in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

 weigh 600 Litres capacity of Milk Bowl. Can be interfaced with Milkotester Will give various MIS reports like SNF, Percentage Fat, Route Collection, Average, Fat, Date and Time of milk collection, No. of Cans, Milk in Kgs, Milk in Litres, etc Optional MILK BOWL.

Models available in MS Body, Semi SS Body, Fully SS-304 Body.


  • Sturdy design can sustain impacts in a dairy usage
  • Suitable for humidity levels in a chilling center

Available Models

SMW 500 KL MS 500 kg 1 kg III
SMW 800 KL Semi SS(202) 600 kg 1 kg III
SMW 600 KL Fully SS(204) 600 kg 1 kg III

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