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Grape Punnet and Packaging Scale | Grape Scale Manufacturer

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Weighing Scale

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Grape Punnet packing scale operation is very easy as in the following 3 steps:
1.Placing products on the vacant scale pan

2.Closest Combination calculation to the target set weight and target count is selected.

3.Now the operator can picks the products indicated by LED lamps and can pack them.

  • Minimum Wastage
  • High Speed, High Accuracy
  • Simple Operation
  • Data Management
  • Sanitary Design


  • 12 pans out of which 2 or 1 can be programmed to be master.
  • Another master and it's selected bunches combination will be ready immediately after the previous selected combination has been packed, thus lead to faster operation.
  • The operator has to lift the bunches from the selected pans and putin to the selected master punnet consisting of master bunch. This operation operator does just by viewing the glowing LED's. There is no need for him to look at the individual weight of the selected bunches and the selected master bunch displayed on the indicator. Thus these operation becomes very fast.
  • If combination is not found then he can switch to another combination and another master by just pressing the selected master pan or by pressing a reset button provided on the sides of the master.
  • Buzzer o/p with bright LED indication when combination found and total weight is displayed on 12 different windows LED. Also individual pans weight is displayed on 12 different windows  LED display and LED lights glow in front of respective pans
  • Buzzer goes off when weight is freezed and it gets stored.
  • When operator lifts grape bunches from selected pans it's weights are saved to the memory automatically. The scale has capacity to record 45000 packed punnets records. Thus weight of each bunch in the packed punnet can be known.
  • Weightments data recorded will be in following format : M/c No, Date, Time , Selected Pan 1 wt , Pan 2 wt, Pan 3 wt and total weight.
  • Fast search engine which can easily achieve a punnet packing time of 30 punnets per minute.
  • If proper search is not found then difference from the actual weight is indicated so that grape bunches which are over weight or under weight can be replaced to get a proper combination.
  • Minimun Master weight is settable.
  • Selection of 2 or 3 grape bunches can be done to achieve the set Gross Weight.
  • Set of 4 presetted settings is available i.e. for Gross Wt & tolerance.
  • Optinally data can be stored to USB Pen Drive which can be later offloaded in Excel Format in computer for further analysis & mailing.
  • 12 Display windows (1 to 12) indicates Individual weight of the bunches on the pans.
  • Display II dispalys gross wt. of the selected combination, under wt. (u=..), or over wt. (o=..) of selected pans.
  • LCD display shows current settings & average weight, average time per weighment.
  • All pans can be made zero i.e. (tared) by single key.
  • Each pan has set of 5 LED's  i.e. 3 RED LEDs to indicate the selection of 1 or 2 or 3 bunches the total wt. of each is within the set of Gross Wt. & tolerance. Yellow LED to indicate underweight and Green LED to indicate Overweight.

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