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Laboratory scale and Balances, Lab Weighing, Analytical Balance

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Weighing Scale

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Our product range of ANALYTICAL BALANCES manufactured by Shinko Denshi, that is ideal for weighing light weights. It is easy to use as the object to be weighed can be just put on the pan and the accurate result can be obtained within no time. Here we offer a huge range of balances from laboratory micro balances to semi micro balances, from analytical balances to high-performance balances, from Industrial balances to flame proof and moisture. Balances are designed to meet the specific weighing requirement in the laboratory working environment. These balances come in precision designs and operating characteristics that allow making quick and accurate measurements. Here, our expertise also lies in making these available in both standard and custom tuned specifications.


Available Models

1 Model name HTR - 220 E
2 Capacity 220 gm
3 Readibility / Repeatability 0.0001 gm
4 Non - Lineraity +,- 0.0003 gm
5 Pan Size 80 mm dia
6 Dimensions 290x200x306 mm
7 Power Source AC 120/230V in DC 9V
8 Out Put RS-232
9 Measuring system Tuning Fork Frequency sensing
10 Tare Full weighing Range
11 Calibration Automatic by Built in Weights
12 Display LCD with Blacklight
13. Modes Weighing, Counting, Percentage
14 Net Weight 2.9 kg Approx.
15 Wind Shield Yes

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