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Support Email : sales@sansui.co.in
Support Contact : +91 9823888888

Sansui Digital Taximeter is designed and manufactured with Japanese Technology under strict quality control standards, runs continuously by not reacting adversely to any external effects of vibrations, potholes on the road, electrical disturbances and high tension tower disturbances.


  • The Sansui Digital Taximeter has a strong, sturdy plastic body with user friendly Operation keys.
  • Consumer friendly display windows with acoustical and illuminating keys indicating clearly the status in which the meter is
  • Unique Hardware and Software tamper proof features (Optional)
  • Calibration ( setting of K factor) can be done by dip switch inside the meter
  • Real Time Clock: - Separate RTC Chip provided for showing real time clock.
  • Buzzer beeps for each key entry, each money drop in Hired / Stopped Mode for error during the fare meter editing and for clearing reports.




Fare Meter Model SANSUI 04
Housing Injection molded ABS impact resistant plastic material in black.
Overall Dimensions 115 x 60 x 120 mm
Meter Body 115 x 60 x 22 mm
Display Window 95 x 95 x 38 mm
Weight 260 g.
Operating voltage D.C. 9 V to 12V. (6 Volt is also available on demand)
Operating Temperature 0° to 70° C
Power consumption Normal

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