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Digital Auto Rickshaw Meter- Sansui786

Digital Auto Rickshaw meter, Sansui786   Download Product Catlog


Support Email : sales@sansui.co.in
Support Contact : +91 9823888888

Sansui Digital Auto Rickshaw Meter / Taximeter is designed and manufactured with Japanese Technology under strict quality control standards, runs continuously by not reacting adversely to any external effects of vibrations, potholes on the road, electrical disturbances and high tension tower disturbances. Is available in both Button type as well as Flag type configuration.


  • Approved by Govt. of India and Regional Transport Authorities.
  • Aluminum pressure diecasting sturdy meter body.
  • Scratch and all weather proof big display window.
  • Buzzer beep for key operation and every money drop.
  • Top class electronic components used for Sansui Meter.
  • Heat and oil resistant sensor body.
  • Our meter not only withstand but directly work on output voltages of the dynamo coil of a rickshaw which gives voltage ranging from 8 volts to 100 volts depending upon the throttle speed.
  • Has three separate windows displaying Fare, Waiting time and Distance travelled. Also has real time clock
  • Can be programmed externally with a Progarmming key for setting various parameters as well as to set various tariffs.
Fare Meter Model Sansui 786
Housing Aluminum pressure die-casting
Overall Dimensions 119 x 85 x 90 mm
Meter Body 119 x 178 x 78 mm
Display Window 99 x 50 mm
Weight 400 g.
Operating voltage D.C. 9 V to 12V. (Dynamo option available on demand)
Operating Temperature 0° to 70° C
Power consumption Normal

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