GST in India


~        In the midst of economic crisis across the globe, India has tried to bring a light of hope with ambitious growth targets, backed by a bunch of strategic undertakings such as Digital India and Make in India campaigns.

~        The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a further such undertaking that is predicted to provide the much-needed stimulant for economic growth in India by reconstructing the prevailing base of indirect taxation towards the free flow of goods and services.

~        GST is also proposed to terminate the cascading effect of taxes. India is forecasted to play a major role in the world economy in the years to come.

~        The belief behind GST being introduced is high not only within the country but also with the neighbouring countries and developed economies of the world.

~        GST has replaced many ongoing Indirect Taxes and it has form a single Indirect Tax levied on the supply of goods & services in India. GST came into effect on 1st July 2017.

~        With the introduction of GST, it is now possible for buyers and sellers to carry out online business in a much more streamlined process and simpler tax structure with sorted GST policies.

~        GST is a single indirect tax for the whole nation, which will make India one unified common marketplace.

~        GST is a destination-based tax which is imposed only on value addition at each stage of the supply chain owing to credits of input taxes paid at the procurement of inputs will be available.

~        Thus, the ultimate consumer will pay only the GST charged at the previous stage in the supply chain, with set-off benefits at all the previous stages.


Sansui leads the way in being fully GST compliant

~        Online shopping of industrial goods is going to be cheaper.

~        With the implementation of GST, you can now buy goods and end up saving much more as compared to earlier.

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How can Buyers reap the benefits with fully compliant GST platform?

~        At, you will find a wide variety of products available at wholesale prices that are all inclusive of GST.

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~        GST is being welcomed as a potential "game-changer" for the Indian economy.

~        GST helps to eliminate "tax on tax" or the cascading impact of the tax, thus bringing down the overall cost of goods.

~        Now even resellers can grab benefits by procuring goods from

~        Sansui helps you in replacing your big or small, long tail vendors with our trusted GST-compliant procurement marketplace.

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How does Sellers stand to gain with fully compliant GST platform?

~        Sansui is the largest B2B E-commerce of weigh scales in India which caters products to a wide industrial and business base in India at wholesale prices.

~        Sansui has opened avenues for small and medium-sized sellers to compete with larger enterprises at a national level.

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~        GST is expected to bring forth the beneficial side of online shopping with a sorted tax structure.

~        GST along with the boost to digitization in India is going to fuel the already buzzing e-commerce marketplace by providing streamlined tax credits, improved e-commerce competition, etc.

~        Sansui is an ideal B2B E-commerce platform for both the sellers and buyers to reap the benefits of the online market.

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