Weigh with a difference

Digital Weighing Scales have brought a remarkable change in the process of weighing. Traditionally, hanging balances were used for weighing. There was a great margin for error in those scales. Digital scales brought more accuracy comfort and convenience in weighing. Striking differences in the two methods of weighing can be listed as under:


·         1) Traditional balances had two pans connected with a rod and weights would be placed in one pan and item to be weighed in another. These had to be held high and measured by seeing the balance of equivalence. This required a lot of effort to place the item properly, balance it high and then weigh. Digital scales eliminate all this. The moment the item to be weighed is placed on the weighing platform, weight is calculated and displayed.


·        2) Traditional weighing scales required iron weights to be placed in one pan. Digital scales weigh according to internal calibration and so there is no need to maintain weights.


·        3) Traditional weighing scales could not measure with precision as the weights available would be of rounded up units and hence micro-weights or slight differences from the standards had to be ignored. Digital scales weigh to the smallest decimal value, thereby guaranteeing perfection.


·        4) Vey light weights could not be measured accurately using balances. Digital scales can measure even feather-weights.


·        5) Traditional balances could be manipulated by tampering with the pans or holding the balance incorrectly. Tampering is not possible in digital scales.


·        6) It was difficult to store, move or use the traditional balances. Digital balances are designed as per requirements in various sizes and facilities and are very convenient to use. They can be easily moved from one place to other.


·        7) While placing the item to be weighed in the pans of traditional balances, there was a possibility of damaging the item. Counter top digital scales on the other hand have proper containers to place items and so there is no damage.


·         Balances were used to compare masses of two objects whereas scales are used to measure weight relevant to force of gravity.

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