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Feather-light but weigh right

Feather-light but weigh right 8 months ago · by · 0 comment

Jewellery items are light in weight, delicate and very precious. Naturally, weighing these items securely, accurately and easily is an important need in the jewellery market. Jewellery scales are portable, handy and very easy to use. They can be placed on the counter and there is a two-way display provided for the convenience of the seller and the buyer. Sometimes, pole-display is also seen.

The highest priority in manufacturing a jewellery scale goes to precision. The calibration needs to be excellent and flawless. In traditional balances, there is a slight margin on the error but in table-top jewellery scales, this has been overcome. Internal calibration assures accurate weighing. This is most important because jewellery specially made of gold, diamond, platinum is very costly. Each milligram makes a large difference to the total cost. Hence, accurate weighing is a must. Besides, these items are very delicate. There should be a proper place to place these so that no damage is made to the design or attachments, hangings, beads etc. Jewellery scales therefore usually have a platter as well as bowl option to enable safe handling of precious items while weighing.

Advanced technology has enabled the development of high accuracy balances and scales that come with red or green LED display. They have an inbuilt rechargeable battery with a compact, inbuilt charger circuit. A small bowl that is provided prevents small items like beads from rolling down and getting lost. These scales are available in various sizes with different capacities of weighing and different pan-sizes. Body of the scale is of stainless steel or powder-coated. Make-up is sturdy, stable and easy to handle.

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