Jewellery scales for accurate weighing of light and delicate objects

Weighing requirements are of various types ranging from light weight loads to heavy-duty industrial loads, liquids, solids, huge and delicate items. While designing scales, all of these usages have to be considered. Platforms and pulleys have to be provided for heavy loads and efficient weighing mechanism has to be provided for light-weight items. Scales have to be made to suit each requirement perfectly, taking into consideration the object that will be weighed on it. Jewellery markets need weighing scales to weigh arts of jewellery, small items such as beads, chains, hooks, strings etc. Jewellery scales are developed with high accuracy precision. They come with red or green LED display with inbuilt rechargeable battery.

The scales are versatile with Red display on both the sides. They have a compact, inbuilt charger circuit. A small bowl is provided on the weighing platform to prevent objects from falling down. They are available in various models to serve needs at various places of usage.

The most important virtue required in a jewellery scale is precision of weighing small and micro weights as the weight of delicate items and pieces and parts of jewellery is very little at times and it needs to be weighed with exact precision. Rate of jewellery is always high and so inaccuracy in weight can largely affect the overall cost of the item and so perfection is very necessary.

Besides, these scales need to be handy, convenient to use, easy to maintain and display should be clearly readable and easily accessible. Jewellery scales are an important asset for jewellery shops, jewellery markets, laboratories, GSM testing etc.

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