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Comfort and accuracy of Industrial Weighing Scales

Comfort and accuracy of Industrial Weighing Scales 1 year ago · by · 0 comment

In industries, several items need to be weighed continuously for various usages. Accuracy of weight is very important to achieve desired results. Weighing heavy loads is a problematic task but with good scales specially designed for industrial purposes, this problem has been solved to a large extent. Earlier, the loads would have to be lifted and placed on balances but now platform scales have made weighing much easier. Scales used in the industry for specific weighing purposes have some special characteristics. Primarily, they have to have a platform with suitable, sturdy, removable bracket to fit the indicator on the pole. These scales have M.S powder coating. Frame structure is of hollow pipe and that makes the scale light. The frame is strong and long-lasting though light in weight. Battery is inbuilt. Auto-charging facility is provided with these Industrial weighing scales. There is an automatic voltage regulator. Mechanism of the scales is sturdy with overload protection. It usually has a sturdy back-rail in round pipe.

Industrial weighing scales are available in various models. All of them are powder coated with SS platter, sturdy back-rail, high internal resolution, protected internal calibration, red color 12.5 mm LED display, wall mounting 12.55 mm Red second display with 3 meter cable and a built-in battery back-up.

Heavy duty Industrial weighing scales have a single load cell based MS powder coated structure with chequered top and MS powder coated black color indicator, high internal resolution, protected internal calibration and wall mounted display facilities.

Industrial scales can weigh weights around 300 kg and even more at times. The sturdy platform and digital display make weighing applications very convenient

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