Weight Right and Be Alright

Sansui has a wonderful range of BMI Personal scales for your personal weighing requirements. You can keep track of your own weight and also make your family aware of the need to weight right. The latest scale not only indicates your body-weight but also calculates your BMI. BMI or Body mass index is the indicator to your health. It is not just enough to weigh less or more. It needs to be in proportion with your height, age and other related factors. A BMI scale gives a proper reading of all these parameters and makes it easier to achieve your health and weight targets.

Besides, these scales can be synchronized with several apps that track your health goals. Regular readings can be directly fed to apps and the results can be easily monitored.

BMI Personal scales will help you show your mother how fit she is. She may be exercising regularly and maintaining a constant weight. However, a proper BMI is the real indicator of your fitness. You can introduce her to the scale and help her keep a regular track of her fitness. Weighing right and having a BMI in a proper permissible range is the key to physical fitness which also leads to mental satisfaction. These scales therefore are a blessing for health-conscious people. They are easy to use, easy to handle and accurate.

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