Suitable, Convenient, Efficient Bench Scales

Bench scales are typically required when a platform is required for weighing but the scale has to be handy, portable and easy to use. These scales are provided with a platform to place the object to be weighed. There is a two-way display of weight. One display is near the user and the other is on the pole for the customer to see. These are seen in grossery shops, marts and other shops where weighing is a common requirement and customers need to see weights clearly on the counter-top.

It has a MS coated powder structure with stainless steel platter, sturdy back rail, high internal resolution, protected internal calibration, red colour clear display, compact metal indicator, wall mounting second red Led display with a sufficiently long cable and a built-in battery back-up.

Bench scales are extremely suitable and convenient for grossery shops, packing industries, courier and cargo industries. These are available is various models and designs with different weighing capacities. Pan-sizes are also available in a wide range as per requirement. They can be easily moved and transported and also stored easily. The two-way display makes it convenient for user and customer. The platforms and pans that are available, make weighing of objects of different shapes and sizes very easy. Bench scales are accurate, reliable and user-friendly.

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